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Project: Knitted Parking
Artist: Ute Lennartz-Lembeck, Pirkko Nidecker, Kathrin Stalder
Location: City Parking


Traditional handicraft combined with personal stories turning into a narrative. The four exhaust pipes of the parking garage, from the aboveground section to the first lower floor, were «knitted». «Messages» from people from around the world, from Hawaii, Argentina, South Africa, United States, Taiwan and other countries, has been incorporated. They all gave their personals answers to the question «What motivates you?». As a form of street art, Urban Knitting links people across all borders.


The German artist Ute Lennartz-Lembeck from Remscheid created the artistic work; together with Pirkko Nidecker and Kathrin Stalder the knitting groups were coordinated european- and worldwide . People from Switzerland, Germany, France and Finland have knitted around 100 kg wool and 250,000 m of thread, into 50 m2 of fabric. After the exhibition in Zurich, the complete work will travel to Poland, Taiwan and South Africa.


The City Parking is considered one of the most modern car parks in Europe: bright, attractive, user-friendly and open. The underground car park offers the most ideal location in the centre of Zurich with 620 parking spaces on four levels. The aboveground access buildings blend into the public spaces in listed area of the military facilities.

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