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Project: Icon Art
Artist: Roland Oehler
Location: Hotel du Théâtre


The pictures of the Swiss artist are large-format «icons». In keeping with the theme which remains current even today, three Hollywood stars are displayed on the façade.


The works of Roland Oehler develop from everyday subjects, to which he lends an entirely new aesthetic through a macroscopic realisation. In the original images, the artist consciously restricts himself to powerful motives, to «icons», in which one can instantly recognise familiar symbols, celebrities or other themes from a distance. They become oversized art icons through the use of expressionist colours and extreme magnification.


This elegant 3-star design hotel in the heart of Zurich is just as well suited to tourists as to those travelling for business: just a few minutes walk from the main station, as you enter the Old Town – and with tram number 10 directly from the airport it is within easy reach. In the Hotel du Théâtre, there is cultural history and a touch of glamour in the air: the hotel was built in the 1950s along with a boulevard theatre and renovated. As a guest you will be immersed everywhere in the theatre history, discovering motifs of the past theatre, quotes from film and the stage.

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