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26. June 2014  

eBoy – the pixel artists  

One person has an idea, two others think it is a good one. And the result is that all three do something that they enjoy and they do it extremely successful. eBoy produces pixel graphics and isometric landscape images. Its subjects are visually stunning and exciting.

The artists’ collective comprises Kai Vermehr, Steffen Sauerteig and Svend Smital. They met each other while studying and undertaking work experience, and very quickly the three had come up with the idea of making images on computers using pixels. In 1998 they started by publishing a digital magazine on disc – a real innovation at the time. Since then they have gained recognition for their work across the globe.

Time and again people ask whether they are computer nerds. Of course their work requires a lot of time at the computer. They communicate during the project implementation phase by video chat, between Berlin and Vancouver, where the eBoy founders work and live. The research for their work is largely done using Google – for instance, for the large city images whose production can take from months to years. If you look at the details carefully, you realise that you can discover a lot about the people and life in the city, they say.

However, they also work away from their monitors, market their merchandising products and attend trade fairs. They enjoy seeing people’s reactions and making new contacts.

The creators of eBoy enjoy their artistic independence and only publish what they personally like. Their art is enjoyed across the board; their works are popular and have received much praise from both art critics and well-known technology blogs. We will be pleased to see eBoy participating in the Zurich Summer Festival.

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10. June 2014  

Call for Entries  

Many interesting projects are under discussion. They will really create «AUFSEHEN!». Do you want to participate? Send us your project proposals and ideas. Whether artists, project patron, as a business or property-owner – Contact us over our Contact form us if you want to join the Summer Festival.

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